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Procedure Clinic Specialist

VIP Urgent Care

Urgent Care located in Tarzana, CA

If you require a minor procedure for an injury but don’t have time to wait for an appointment or emergency room lines, a simple solution is within reach. VIP Urgent Care in Tarzana, California, includes a procedure clinic in which experienced doctors and staff offer minor surgical procedures on a walk-in basis without appointments or long wait times. The next time you require stitches, wound care, a biopsy, or soft tissue mass removal, schedule an appointment with VIP Urgent Care over the phone or online, or simply walk in.

Procedure Clinic Q & A

What is a procedure clinic?

At the procedure clinic at VIP Urgent Care, experienced doctors perform minor procedures in an outpatient setting without long wait times associated with emergency room visits. Procedure clinics are useful if you require immediate, non-life-threatening, minor surgical procedures or other minimally invasive treatments.

Which procedures are available at VIP Urgent Care?

The following procedures are examples of treatments offered by the experienced doctors at VIP Urgent Care’s procedure clinic:

  • Injections
  • Skin biopsies
  • Laceration repair
  • Stitches
  • Incision and drainage
  • Cyst and other soft tissue mass removal
  • Skin tag and mole removal, and biopsies

These and other minor procedures available at VIP Urgent Care’s procedure clinic are minimally invasive. They aren’t associated with life-threatening medical conditions but require immediate attention to optimize health and wellness.

What should I expect during my appointment?

When you arrive at VIP Urgent Care, your practitioner reviews your medical history and examines you to determine which type of treatment best suits your needs. They might also use blood or imaging tests to diagnose your condition. If you require a minor surgical procedure, they take you to a procedure area for care.

Your doctor cleans and numbs the treatment area when necessary. They may stitch up a wound, remove a cyst or skin tag, take a biopsy, offer injections, or complete other minor surgical procedures in an outpatient setting. If you require a complex procedure, your provider refers you to a qualified specialist.

What happens after treatment?

After a minor procedure at VIP Surgical Care, you can go home the same day as treatment. Follow post-surgery discharge instructions, such as keeping a wound clean or taking antibiotics.

Your practitioner calls you with lab results from biopsies and lets you know when to schedule a follow-up appointment if it’s necessary. Because the VIP team often uses absorbable stitches, you might not require post-procedure care after treatment for laceration repair.

Is a procedure clinic right for me?

VIP Urgent Care’s procedure clinic is right for just about anybody requiring a non-life-threatening minor surgical procedure, stitches, injections, or wound care. It’s a good option if you need medical care right away but don’t have time to wait for an appointment with a primary care doctor or endure long lines at emergency rooms.

The next time you have a minor medical emergency, schedule an appointment over the phone or online with VIP Urgent Care.

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